Sunday, 21 June 2015

How to Post Ad in Facebook Group for FREE with Just 1 Click

Facebook Group Ad posting
If you are an Internet Business Owner/Marketer and you are not using Facebook marketing, then you are loosing around 18-67% of your business which will be driven from facebook ad posting

Being  a Dummy in Affiliate marketing business since 2012 and since beginning I was wondering how to manage the time in Facebook Ad Posting. I joined in 100's of group consists of millions members and was doing everything by manual ( a holy crap) almost all the day

Posting ads in Facebook Group manually a time consuming as you have to index each group and post along with your links, image, texts...etc. Being an Affiliate Marketer, I wanted to generate leads through Facebook Group Ad posting and desperately looking for a tool which helps me to manage my time, out of disaster. 

Here I found a wonderful tool which saves the time on Facebook Group Ad posting which was very simple & FREE to register. You can customize all your images, links, text ads in one go of 5-10 minutes for all facebook groups and your message is ready to Launch at One PUSH at all facebook Group with a customized gap for posting you choose.

You can post ad in 50 facebook group per day as FREE member which may be more than sufficient during beginning as Affiliate dummy :). If you are experienced and have huge group then you can choose paid membership , unlimited posting in unlimited group and you will get your ROI may be within a day.

The development in this Facebook ad posting app was happening since long back and they released this NEW version recently with all your problems solved.

Here the STEPS
  1. Register FREE and connect with your facebook account 
  2. Add Toolsstar facebook application in your FB account - Check VIDEO TUTORIAL
  3. Add as many groups as you like in your FB account and add in your Toolsstar acct
  4. Create a campaign with photos, videos, links
  5. Push to facebook to advertize 
If you are struck and could not do it on your own, no worries & I will create FREE account for you. Please pay a nominal fee to my team to create it I will generate the followings 
1.Gmail account
2.Facebook account
3.FREE auto poster account & will add at least 50 groups to your account 

Your Ad Campaigns Here (Unlimited)
Your Group posting Report
One Push- 50 Groups posted

Your Group Post from the App