Sunday, 30 November 2014

Top 5 Tips to Influence the Traffic to Your Site

Owning a blog or website to market your product, brand or service requires special optimization. One of the best ways to make people notice you online is by using tactics that will drive traffic to your site. I guarantee that influencing traffic to your site is important for building a large audience and increasing your customers. I’d suggest that the best way to achieve this is focusing on attracting organic traffic by optimizing your site. Here are five tips through which you can achieve this.

 1. Optimize On-site Content
The first thing I’d recommend is to plan a basic format for the posts and pages. This will give a natural flow to your writing style and the SEO will not seem so daunting or time consuming. Streamlining the content is easier this way, as you have already formed the basic format of where what element would go. Some of the points you should focus on include:
  • Make your titles clear, concise, and accurate. They should be less than 70 characters and have the primary keyword, secondary keyword, and the brand or company name in it.
  • Optimize images with description tags and targeted keywords, so someone searching for the images will visit your site by clicking on the image.
  • Make sure the URL has the target keywords and describes your content precisely.
  • When you create content that is rich in quality and has keyword added relevantly, and in an interesting manner, your chances of ranking higher are more.

2. Off-site Backlinks
Link building forms a crucial role in increasing the page rank and driving the traffic towards your site. Instead of just focusing on the number of sites that link back to your site, I’d recommend going for the quality, reputation, and targeted sites, which will automatically get you to the top of the search engine ranking. You can use resources like Alexa Rank to find about a particular site and its usefulness to you, before you use it as a backlink. Open Site Explorer is another tool that is useful.
3. Bond with Powerful People
This is a sure-fire method that I’ve found quite useful in attracting traffic. You need to target the powerful people in your field and get their help in increasing traffic. Sharing content, posts or posting ads about their service on your site will create a mutual friendship that works both ways.
4. Increasing Visibility
By having SEO optimized images and content, you can increase your site’s ranking and get to Google’s first page, which is the right place to attract traffic to your site. Use online directories to publish your blog or site. Online directories like FourSquare and Yelp are where people go to when they search for solution.
5. Build Credibility Online
To increase your credibility, join forums related to your niche, participate in online chats, give your readers useful insights on the content you have in your site, and collaborate with the top names in your sector. All these are crucial in increasing the credibility of your site.
By giving the visitors to your site what they are in search of whether it is a solution to a problem they experience or offering a service they require or selling a product they want is the simplest way to flood your site with traffic.