Sunday, 21 September 2014

Could Affiliate Marketing Resources Prove their Usefulness to First-time Bloggers?

 There are so many blogs functioning now and more new ones sprouting up at a rapid rate. If you are among the crop of first time bloggers, chances are that you are not yet exposed to the monetizing aspects of blogging. I’ve found that blogging is an excellent platform to generated income, especially via affiliate marketing, where you encourage readers’ interest in a particular service or product, and get paid, if a sale occurs because of your efforts.

Why affiliate marketing?
Many of you would be wondering how it is possible to start on affiliate marketing so early in your blogging career. Though I too had my doubts initially regarding this, soon I woke up to the fact that it is indeed a lucrative income generating tool that lets you work less and earn more, thus enjoying your life to the fullest possible. Blogging is a best earning medium, because when you give quality content, it brings you loyal readers who benefit from the content and trust your judgment over time. This practice soon makes your blog the best place for promoting services and products, provided they are relevant to the content.

Effective Setup for Better Monetization
As a budding blogger, you may find affiliate marketing a big step forward, but it is not so. I’ve found that it is an easy setup solution that has let me generate passive income, without putting in money or much effort. The first thing you should do is setting up an account with sites like Commission Junction or Click bank or SFI or other such sites to get your affiliate link.
There are numerous products present, but only a chosen few give you results. Proper research and with the assistance of sites like Google Insights or paid tools, you can chose the right product that is relevant to your blog. To get maximum results, I’d suggest targeting on content that is directed on commerce. For instance, food, religion, kids’ health etc., are not as attractive and lucrative as fashion, technological gear, savings or deals.
Most beginner bloggers find it very hard to make money from affiliate marketing. I know it is hard because not all the bloggers are marketers who know how to sell. Selling is the key in making a lot of money from affiliate marketing.
Ways to Promote and Succeed
I’ve found from experience that promotion is the best way to succeed in affiliate marketing. By promotion I don’t mean the large banner ads that you see people place on the header, footers or sidebars. In order to persuade your readers to buy the affiliate products via your links, you need to provide a stronger reason for them. You can get help from resources like:
  • Affiliate directories like Directory, Affiliates Directory, Affiliate Scout to search for the right program
  • Email auto responders like GetResponse, AWeber and FreeAutoBot  for promoting the products
  • Acquire help from the numerous affiliate marketing blogs and forums for better promotion
Successful sales result from the long term relationships and the trust you have built with your readers and not because of including the concepts that other successful marketers have added in their blogs. When you use the available resources wisely, knowing the value of the money and time you’ve invested in the process, I’m sure affiliate marketing can work well even for the first time bloggers. It is time to pull up your socks now.