Thursday, 11 September 2014

Blog For Money - The Tools

There are many Internet Business in World Wide Web and few are running and giving business to everyone who knows about internet marketing.

Internet marketing will work simply as lottery for someone who has skills but it may take several months, sometimes years for someone. It is all about your dedication on reading & knowing about various type of Internet Marketing. And after a while, you may become a master of it.

How to start Online Business????, The first & foremost steps to do..................
  1. Start a website about the element/product/article you want to market/share and submit the website in all major search engines
  2. Read SEO techniques and rank your website within top 3 pages of search engine by providing good content of page
  3. Provide an effective Opt in Email list for your visitors by offering something FREE relevant to the article/product
  4. Learn to use Email marketing effectively by using the opt in Email list
  5. Blog & interact with your website visitors thru social media
To keep this article specific and more focused, I will describe about the "Advertisement Tool in Blog/Website". Blogging with proper content articles is most powerful tool as identified by internet marketers . The good articles get several millions of visitors over a period of years which increases your revenue.

The revenue can be created in 2 ways
  1. By linking your blog/website with Google Adsense
  2. Join in Affiliate programs and keep your own advertisements which gives you sale & commission
1. Google Adsense
  • Apply to Adsense
  • Configure your ads as their instruction
  • Paste the google adsense code in your blog/web
  • Start earning- Read for more details
In this way, the earning potential is very limited as it is with respect to your traffic. Unless you have huge traffic to your website or blog, you may not expect income from this mode.

2. Affiliate Programs
There are several affiliate programs like Amazon, flipcart, ebay..etc in market which provides you free affiliate tools to advertise in your website/blog. The commission are varying from 2% to 30% with respect to product you market. Reputed E-commerce sellers will pay you less as they have their own advertising system and they spend huge money in it.

I am an Affiliate marketer with an USA based website with A+ rating in their business since 1998 where they have plenty of tools Banners with Html code, Splash page, E-card, Flyers, Text ads...
and the samples are available in this blog

Blogging is potential way to reach your clients without harassing. It serves the purpose without telling them that you are marketing for your products. The right article will bring more new visitors everyday and it keeps your revenue by placing right advertisement tools in your web/blog