Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to earn Money in Blogging????

I was born & brought up in village and studied in Indian Government School. Since I moved nearby city(Chennai) during 1994, I was trying to figure out something other than my regular employment which will help me to improve my standard of living AND SUPPORT ME WHEN I AM UNEMPLOYED. I joined several programs in internet which are almost scam or did not work in long run. 
Finally I found an affiliate program during 2012 where I found tutorials and benefits of starting blog. Without any clue, I started this blog and improvising everyday. However, this was not difficult as I thought as we have plenty of tutorials available in internet. But you have to apply simple common sense wherever needed to bring original touch of your style. 
Blogging can be done for sharing, expressing, giveaway, spreading information, educating, associating, helping others through World Wide Web.

Top Reasons Why Every Blogger should Adopt Affiliate Marketing Strategy
Of the various online marketing avenues, affiliate marketing -where companies pay commission to a set of representative(affiliates) for advertising their brand, is something that is not often utilized properly and the potential is not well known. As an affiliate marketer, I’ve experienced a lot of benefits from this marketing method. As far as I know, it offers the definite advantage of a low risk strategy that pays for performance. Here are some top reasons for bloggers to take up this strategy.

No Investment Needed
Though starting a business is not possible without any money, affiliate marketing is an exception where you need not invest any capital. However, you need to invest your effort and time to get money out of it. In fact, I’ve found that this is the best money making opportunity for budding bloggers. When compared to the conventional brick and mortar setup or any other online business, affiliate marketing scores with its zero investment advantage. When you become part of the affiliate networks like Amazon, ebay, SFI, Commission Junction, Click Bank, and Affiliate Bot, it is easy to start earning.

No Conventional Business Setup Needed
To start a business other than the capital, you need to manufacture a product, store, and ship it which needs a lot of effort on your part. Managing these and other aspects of the business needs employees too. With affiliate marketing, all these things are not required. A laptop with a reliable internet connection is all you require. You can get resources right from the website setup to promote the product in a better way.

Risk free Business
As I’d explained earlier, there is no investment, so you do not have any risks here. If the affiliate marketing method you’ve chosen does not bring you the profits you’d expected, you can always stop doing it and look for another better option. This type of risk free opportunity does not arise that easily with other online businesses.

Immense Prospects of Profits
Affiliate marketing is a type of business where you can generate passive income for the long term, if you take the right efforts. I’d not go to the extent of saying that it is a get rich instantly method, but it does bring you profits without any hassles like investment capital, product creation, management, etc. I’ve seen many affiliate marketers make more than $100,000 in just a month. This is why I mentioned about the right efforts. When you promote the products in such a way that customers buy them, you certainly can get great profits.

Set up an International Business
With affiliate marketing, there are no boundaries. You can sell your products worldwide to people in all corners of the world. There are resources like email auto responders, blog tutorials, forums, software, and directories to aid you in the whole process and most of them are free too. Since you get to do business with diversified customers, the exposure level is great, leading to better sales.

No Experience Needed
In affiliate marketing, the training is given for free and most of the difficult part of the business is already done and is all set up for you. You can learn the business as you do it. There is absolutely no experience required here.