Friday, 8 August 2014

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies - Top 5 Resources

Are you looking for earning some extra income online? 
I’d say that the internet offers a wide vista of opportunities. Of the various money making online methods, I think affiliate marketing is the most impressive way to go for.
If you search online, I guarantee that the plethora of information you find will make your head spin. Don’t worry! This article is just right for you. Affiliate marketing is actually a simple process when you look at it without prejudice. Complicating it with all the technical jargon can make it difficult for you to get money out of it.
Here are five top resources I’ve lined up for beginners like you.
1. Commission Junction Affiliate Network
This is one of the oldest affiliate marketing companies and is a good one for beginners. But the only disadvantage with the program is it expects the affiliates to give results within 6 months of joining the program.

The program is free and mostly used by bloggers. There are many blogger tools here like the HootSuite. Part of ValueClick the recommended programs that you can start out on are the MaxCDN affiliate and HootSuite affiliate.
The main advantage of this program is the chance you get to deal with some of the big corporate companies that you cannot work with on your own. But with the huge businesses, you also need to work as hard to earn big money. If you keep this in mind, I’d say that this is a good one for you.
2. ClickBank
Of all the resources present for beginners, ClickBank is one resource that has some of the best features.
You need not have a website that is already established.
It provides strong training and service support, so your website becomes effective and you end up generating more traffic.

ClickBank also takes care of distribution, so you can deal directly with suppliers and not with several agencies for providing service to your customers. The commissions are high as there are no overheads to consider in digital goods marketing. If you have some original products to sell, you can also do it via this program and make money.
The main advantage I’ve found in this method is it is a highly popular one with over 10,000 vendors and over one lakh affiliates using it.
3. Amazon Associates
This is one of the affiliate networks that have the most short cookie span of 24 hours. The more items you sell, the higher will be your commission. The rate starts at 6%. Since it is a well known brand, using it always adds to your advantage. Its’ positive points include:
Massive catalog
Impressive and easy to use tools for ad making
Interactive support forum

4. ShareASale
This is a friendly program that gives importance to people rather than numbers. It also consists of a supportive environment for its affiliates. The main drawback is its complicated interface. The specialized products that it sells are apt for niche based sites, and attract customers who show predilection towards rare commodities. Your site too will benefit from this. It has been in business for over 13 years and has popular programs in its kitty like WP Engine, Thesis, and Studio Press. It also has many PPC affiliate programs that are ideal for bloggers.

5. Linkshare
This is similar to Commission Junction program, but involves smaller companies that beginners will find easy to work with. I’ve found that the interface here is one of the best and has a Quick tour option for helping you out. It is one of the best programs to begin with and gets you the much needed experience in affiliate marketing.

From the above list I’ve gathered, you’d have realized that each program has its own benefits. What I’d suggest is combining the best of each program and arriving at a highly efficient mishmash that gives you good commissions and also helps you stay clear of the complications. It may take some time to reach such a point, but it can be done with a little dedication from your end. All the very best! - Do it Yourself Advertising Design!