Sunday, 20 July 2014

Affiliate Marketing and Their Immediate Benefits

Earning an income from your blog or website is easy with affiliate marketing provided you respect the basics. It is a powerful tool that boosts your sales figure and increases the leads.  I’ve found that this is the simplest form of earning money wherein you receive an income in appreciation of promoting a product, brand or service of a particular business.

Advantages of being an Affiliate

The main benefit I’ve seen of being an affiliate is the low cost factor involved and also the use of simple resources like website, emails, etc.  Since it can be done as a part time job and does not need any startup costs as in a brick and mortar business, the money I invest is very less. There are no issues like refunds and other customer related matters. And best of all I need not have any prior experience for doing it. These things sum up on why I’m all for using affiliate marketing.
Resources You should Know about
The basic necessity in affiliate marketing is setting up a website or a blog, setting up an email account, getting an affiliate link to the product, and using an email auto responder, which is optional. The main focus I’d suggest here is to attract visitors to your site and make them open an email and click on the affiliate link you have set up. There are numerous resources available online that help you in setting up an ideal affiliate marketing business.  Here are some tips, which I’ve experienced firsthand and found very useful on finding the right resources that benefit you the most.
  • You need to use only a few well-chosen products for the promotion to be effective. To choose the right product, what I recommend is, you need to understand the requirements of the market and align with products that relate to the topic of your site.
  • Instead of using only your blog or website for the ads, you can use other sources to promote them. The more traffic you send into the sales section, the more you earn. Google adwords is one of the ways you can do this.
  • Using different promotion techniques will help you find the ones that are working for you. By tweaking the setup, you can increase the profit. For instance, if you place banner ads in different areas of your website, you will find that certain areas are more receptive than the rest. And I’ve also used conversion tracking software, which helps in a better way.
  • And one thing that I’d recommend strongly is to verify whether the product you are promoting is what your visitors are looking for, and if it also is a product that they will be satisfied with. Since your credibility is at stake here, you need to promote prudently.
  • Keeping up with the latest methods and tools used in affiliate marketing will make way for a more efficient and productive venture.

Starting from the plugins, themes and hosting to email marketing, SEO marketing and affiliate networks, there are numerous resources available from which you can opt for the ones that suit your site the best and also those that offer a better profit.
By setting up the resources in the right manner, you can be assured of your visitors clicking on the affiliate links and bringing you the needed source of income you are aiming at. One last but not the least thing I’d like to stress upon about affiliate marketing is that you need traffic to your site to accomplish the whole thing.