Sunday, 22 December 2013

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy


If you are just starting out as an Affiliate marketer you will need to gain access to a variety of resources that can help you to generate leads and start making money as an affiliate marketer. Beginning your quest to sell affiliate products and start earning commissions is never easy but with the help of some of these great starter tools you can start to see some of your first commissions rolling in as long as you are diligent at creating content and utilizing all of the marketing tools at your disposal. 

Here are some of the top affiliate marketing resources that you can use as a beginner affiliate marketer:

1.Creating splash pages and banners:
 Splash pages and banners can be extremely helpful tools at converting sales and driving leads to a website. Spending the time to create these banner ads and splash pages can eat into your day. Luckily there is a very easy Creator for these types of pages as well as for banner ads. 

With hundreds of different templates available this website can have you creating splash pages and promotional material in just a few minutes rather than spending time painstakingly creating this content for yourself. It is FREE to create an account use it with limited creation but that will help you for sure

2.Auto responders and contact managers: 
Easiest ways that you can start with e-mail marketing and managing contacts so that you can drive dedicated sales back to a website. On this system you can create great auto responding e-mails, subscription-based e-mail newsletters as well as manage all of your customer contacts to continue generating leads from existing customers.
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Mailchimp - Email campaigns only

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3.Social media ad creation:
Creating your own Facebook and social media advertising can also take a lot of work. When you are running multiple campaigns or trying for multiple commissions you simply won't have time to create multiple Facebook accounts. Using this service you can instantly register an advertisement or submit your advertising pages to receive auto likes and build your network. 

FREE posts with single click ( Do not login with your personnel facebook account. Open an acct for Marketing and use it)
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Use Google acct to post multiple groups

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