Friday, 5 October 2012

Tips for Posting FREE ads with Customized list website link

First of all, Secondary e-mail address; all ad locations will require that you submit an e-mail address to the site host in order to post an ad. It's absolutely essential to obtain a secondary e-mail address for this purpose. You can open another e-mail account any where, from Google to Yahoo and so on. Posting ads will result in your e-mail getting framed by the spammers and will receive tons of spam.Exposing your primary e-mail address to this can be avoided! You have to give an e-mail address to post ads anywhere, so create a new e-mail account.

Second- Physical address and phone number; many sites also require you to give an address and phone number. Though many sites request these information, most of the advertisers leave these fields empty. The ad posting service is being provided in exchange for your information. It wouldn't be ethical to provide false information to acquire the service. Some people even set up a secondary post office addresses and phone numbers to avoid this ethical problem, others provide their own information. Provide genuine information.

Third- Tracking system; It is essential and crucial to set up a tracking system . Without which, you may not know which sites are pulling in the traffic and which ads are working or not. At a minimum each ad you place should have a tracking code in it that exclusively with identification of the location you placed the ad. You can use different mail ids or different Ad titles to identify the traffic from.


Most people have problems finding places where to post their ads.
Many ad sites that accept free ads may be effective but have a limited capacity to produce results.  Your task is to learn the process to use to continuously find new and effective advertising sites. Some sites, may be very effective at first, but will have a limited audience and thus a limited capacity to produce results for your ad. You'll likely need to move from site to site as the sites capacities are exhausted.
New sites crop up all the time to replace the old ones as they lose their effectiveness.

FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING can work for affiliates who are properly prepared and approach the process in the right way. To be prepared, you need to have an effective ad, you need  a target URL to which the ad will point, and you need to be prepared for the posting process. 

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