Thursday, 6 September 2012

What is the reason of growing traffic on e-commerce sites, but low conversions to an actual sale?

1. People are interested to buy through e-commerce websites and they are showing intent to buy with their searches and clicks. But they land on way too many irrelevant pages before honing in on what they are really seeking.  
Suggestion-Never link a pop up window, unwanted info with your web link 

2.Web personalization plays a important part in converting clicks into sales as it is very important from a user point of view that how he/she lands on the product page and if that product page is not capable enough to cope with user expectations it results in to closing that window by the user. The website may not be capable of many more factors like your price is too high, poor product photography, or maybe your offering just isn’t what the users wants or needs right now.
Suggestion-Advertise with rich presentation/specification of what do you want to sell/offer

3.Poor conversions is the quality of search on the site itself. Relevant on-site search is mission critical for an e-commerce advertisement. Poor key words, meta tags will not yield result.
Suggestion-You can look at your query logs for insight, and even just experiment with some queries on your own. Check your session lengths, and abandons
4.Unsurprisingly shipping fees seems to play a massive part in abandonment(50 to 70%) as most of the shipping & forward fees will be spelled out later with huge impact on your customer's purchase.
 Suggestion- Write the shipping fees transparently during the initial process itself