Monday, 3 September 2012

E-mail Marketing - Free tool,format & Account

Nowadays lot of marketing tool is available in the internet and I wanted to highlight the importance & success of  E-mail marketing in recent internet market. The below info graphics which I found recently in website describes the trend.

Email readings in smart phones and Tablets are in increased trend and correspondingly email views in desktop shows downtrend. Thus, increase of email views in smart phone & tablets has triggered my mind and I started searching for a E-mail tool.

I found for smart phones,tablets and as well as for desktop which gives me handsome of prefabricated formats of Emails. I am sure that it will definitely increase my ad clicks and it is very helpful tool for my E-Business.

My conclusion
I opted a free account in which I can send 12000 Emails/month and I can store 2000subscribers in my account which suffice my requirement write now.
It has given me strength to make my fellow affiliates to impress and focus on the business.

Try it and share it with your friends here- Mailchimp

I recently joined in a website where they provide the complete tool for Email marketing, Auto responder, Customized landing page - Check out here - STIFORP