Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Advertisement channels

The basic principle behind effective marketing campaigns is simple: Find out who needs your products or services, and then market to that “ideal” customer.

Google Ad mob

Best way to reach thousands of mobile users, probably iPod,Tab or Android users and you can customize your country too. Minimum is 10$ but it disappears within a week by clicks on your ad. You must have very interesting and dynamic ad to convert the click into your business.


I have given some feature ads in Viva street, OLX and some other websites. While viva street has returned with good response, I could not find results from some of the established websites due to complex & traffic in their database.
I will recommend Viva street (US $- 5, Post free ads-US $ 3 to 5, OLX-3$). But other than India, they seems to be expensive.

Post free ads seems to be reasonable.I keep on searching for reasonable pay ads site and I will keep on updating here.