Monday, 23 July 2012

How to Earn Money from Blogging

If you are looking for a way to earn money from the Web and love to write, then consider starting a blog. Blogs have become an important online medium, with some bloggers attaining huge success and earning good money from their online writings.

There are a number of ways you can earn money from a blog. Note though that earning money will not be easy and will not come quick, as you will have to first build an audience, establish your credibility and prove that your blog is worth reading.
The video covers primarily the advertising route to earning money from your blog. You can post ads – whether by impression, per click or per action – in your blog and you get paid accordingly. Some advertisers will compensate you for every 1,000 views of their ad. Some are cost per click, where you earn money when a visitor clicks on an ad. Others will pay you only when you give them a sale or a lead. Watch the video to learn how you can earn money for your blog through advertising and read the articles “How to Earn from Your Blog”  and “How to Make Money from Blogs and Blogging”
However, here are other ways you can earn from your blog:
1. Get paid to write.
One way to earn money by blogging is through pay per post programs, where you write about a company’s products or services and you get paid for the post. For some programs, you can set the price you are willing to accept per post, even set a price per word as well as a price per link. Depending on your traffic and topic, some pay per posts can earn you as little as $10 per post or as high as $1,000.
Check the requirements of these pay per post programs. Some will require you to disclose that the blog post is a paid post. Others will allow you to freely write whatever you want as long as you include the advertiser’s link in your post. Others will require you to write a post based on the advertiser’s press release or marketing materials.
Be careful though. While pay per post can be very profitable – it is not uncommon for some bloggers to earn $100 a day — many frown on pay per post programs. Your own visitors may be turned off when you sing praises for a product or service because they paid you to write favorably for them. Search engines also frown on these programs, with the possibility that your blog may be penalized and page rank stripped.
2. Become a Freelance Blogger.
There are companies, including non-profit organizations, which want to start a blog but have limited manpower to maintain the blog, write its content and even market the blog. Hence, they look for freelance bloggers who can write for them.
You will need to prove that you are adept at blogging with a creative writing style and solid grammar. You will be asked to submit samples of your blog posts to see if it matches the style and tone of the blog.
Go to sites  to look for jobs hiring freelance bloggers.