Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ad sites & Trends

For placing your business ads, we have to check the trend of the particular website reach to the respective country's people. The followings are few sites where you can find free ad sites, pay sites with some minimum cost and maximum yield.

Google Trends
You can find global & local website's trend here. But it doesn't give results when I tried some Indian websites and hence I had to decide to not to post on those.

Here you can find top 500 websites. You may find some classified websites where you can post your ads for some minimum amount

Google Ad planner

Before placing your ad, you can check up the traffic of the particular website in Google ad-planner to yield better results.

Top 100 Ad sites

While I was searching for the top 100 ad sites in blogspot, I could able to find out the above. Most of them are free ads and pay sites are yielding good responses.