Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Guide on the Link Building Strategies for Beginners and Some Useful Resources

Link building is a highly challenging component in the optimization of your site. And it is also very crucial for the success of a site. I’ve found that it is influenced by the budget, the effort you put in it, and most importantly lots of creativity. The link building basically depends on the niche you have chosen and your personal preferences.

Link Categories
There are three main categories of links present which include:
Natural or editorial links – The links are given to your site naturally by sites that wish to link to your website. No particular optimization is required except focusing on the content and increasing its visibility. Some bloggers & website owners may impress in your content and give permanent links while they make some articles or include in their website/blog
Manual links – This is done by SEO where you email bloggers for links, submit the site to directories and pay for getting on the listings.

Non-editorial links – There are websites that offer the chance to create links via forum signatures, user profiles, guest book signing, blog comments, etc. Though these are of low value, they still help.
Significance of Link Building
Though some webmasters suggest that links are no longer given importance, I think it is an integral part of Google’s ranking process. SEO experts still recommend using links even if Google stops using the links for ranking, as the traffic generation to a site is mainly influenced by the links it has.
Strategies that Help
For accumulating the right links, you need to implement certain strategies like:
  • High quality content automatically attracts valuable links, so having a regulated and useful content always helps.
  • Careful use of anchor text links is needed as Google frowns upon using keyword rich anchor text. I’d suggest leaving the text to the site which you’re linking to, so you are not hit upon for abuse of anchor text. Also using diverse anchor text will make it look more natural and have a great impact
  • Having good knowledge on the preferences of your target audience is necessary. You can find this from the videos, blog posts, lists, and infographics that your target audience shares in social media.
  • Links in press releases are taken as paid links by Google. Doing something important and sending a note to bloggers or journalists about it will get them to write on it and also add a link to your site. The priority should be on getting maximum coverage w
    hich will automatically get you links, instead of the other way round.
  • Article submission, commenting and participating in blogs that belong to your niche, and listing your site on directories are some of the ways to boost link building
Useful Resources
I’ve found certain tools for link building more significant than the others. For instance, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO are good backlink data providers, because of the metrics they use. Blekko and Ahrefs can be used to know about the backlinks and how they compare with the competition. Citation labs and Seer’s SEO toolbox offer a variety of resources that help you in all aspects of link building.
The ideas I’ve outlined are just a bit of the vast amount strategies that are present for link building. There are several other ways which webmasters use regularly and find success. In addition to the existing strategies, newer and fresh ideas like widget creation and Facebook app use are being considered for increasing links and generating traffic.
Links- Use free services and the Quality is Average

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Could Affiliate Marketing Resources Prove their Usefulness to First-time Bloggers?
 There are so many blogs functioning now and more new ones sprouting up at a rapid rate. If you are among the crop of first time bloggers, chances are that you are not yet exposed to the monetizing aspects of blogging. I’ve found that blogging is an excellent platform to generated income, especially via affiliate marketing, where you encourage readers’ interest in a particular service or product, and get paid, if a sale occurs because of your efforts.

Why affiliate marketing?
Many of you would be wondering how it is possible to start on affiliate marketing so early in your blogging career. Though I too had my doubts initially regarding this, soon I woke up to the fact that it is indeed a lucrative income generating tool that lets you work less and earn more, thus enjoying your life to the fullest possible. Blogging is a best earning medium, because when you give quality content, it brings you loyal readers who benefit from the content and trust your judgment over time. This practice soon makes your blog the best place for promoting services and products, provided they are relevant to the content.

Effective Setup for Better Monetization
As a budding blogger, you may find affiliate marketing a big step forward, but it is not so. I’ve found that it is an easy setup solution that has let me generate passive income, without putting in money or much effort. The first thing you should do is setting up an account with sites like Commission Junction or Click bank or SFI or other such sites to get your affiliate link.
There are numerous products present, but only a chosen few give you results. Proper research and with the assistance of sites like Google Insights or paid tools, you can chose the right product that is relevant to your blog. To get maximum results, I’d suggest targeting on content that is directed on commerce. For instance, food, religion, kids’ health etc., are not as attractive and lucrative as fashion, technological gear, savings or deals.
Most beginner bloggers find it very hard to make money from affiliate marketing. I know it is hard because not all the bloggers are marketers who know how to sell. Selling is the key in making a lot of money from affiliate marketing.
Ways to Promote and Succeed
I’ve found from experience that promotion is the best way to succeed in affiliate marketing. By promotion I don’t mean the large banner ads that you see people place on the header, footers or sidebars. In order to persuade your readers to buy the affiliate products via your links, you need to provide a stronger reason for them. You can get help from resources like:
  • Affiliate directories like Directory, Affiliates Directory, Affiliate Scout to search for the right program
  • Email auto responders like GetResponse, AWeber and FreeAutoBot  for promoting the products
  • Acquire help from the numerous affiliate marketing blogs and forums for better promotion
Successful sales result from the long term relationships and the trust you have built with your readers and not because of including the concepts that other successful marketers have added in their blogs. When you use the available resources wisely, knowing the value of the money and time you’ve invested in the process, I’m sure affiliate marketing can work well even for the first time bloggers. It is time to pull up your socks now.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Blog For Money - The Tools

There are many Internet Business in World Wide Web and few are running and giving business to everyone who knows about internet marketing.

Internet marketing will work simply as lottery for someone who has skills but it may take several months, sometimes years for someone. It is all about your dedication on reading & knowing about various type of Internet Marketing. And after a while, you may become a master of it.

How to start Online Business????, The first & foremost steps to do..................
  1. Start a website about the element/product/article you want to market/share and submit the website in all major search engines
  2. Read SEO techniques and rank your website within top 3 pages of search engine by providing good content of page
  3. Provide an effective Opt in Email list for your visitors by offering something FREE relevant to the article/product
  4. Learn to use Email marketing effectively by using the opt in Email list
  5. Blog & interact with your website visitors thru social media
To keep this article specific and more focused, I will describe about the "Advertisement Tool in Blog/Website". Blogging with proper content articles is most powerful tool as identified by internet marketers . The good articles get several millions of visitors over a period of years which increases your revenue.

The revenue can be created in 2 ways
  1. By linking your blog/website with Google Adsense
  2. Join in Affiliate programs and keep your own advertisements which gives you sale & commission
1. Google Adsense
  • Apply to Adsense
  • Configure your ads as their instruction
  • Paste the google adsense code in your blog/web
  • Start earning- Read for more details
In this way, the earning potential is very limited as it is with respect to your traffic. Unless you have huge traffic to your website or blog, you may not expect income from this mode.

2. Affiliate Programs
There are several affiliate programs like Amazon, flipcart, ebay..etc in market which provides you free affiliate tools to advertise in your website/blog. The commission are varying from 2% to 30% with respect to product you market. Reputed E-commerce sellers will pay you less as they have their own advertising system and they spend huge money in it.

I am an Affiliate marketer with an USA based website where they have plenty of tools
Banners with Html code,
Splash page, E-card, Flyers, Text ads...
and the samples are available in this blog

Blogging is potential way to reach your clients without harassing. It serves the purpose without telling them that you are marketing for your products. The right article will bring more new visitors everyday and it keeps your revenue by placing right advertisement tools in your web/blog

Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to earn Money in Blogging????

I was born & brought up in village and studied in Indian Government School. Since I moved nearby city(Chennai) during 1994, I was trying to figure out something other than my regular employment which will help me to improve my standard of living AND SUPPORT ME WHEN I AM UNEMPLOYED. I joined several programs in internet which are almost scam or did not work in long run. 
Finally I found an affiliate program during 2012 where I found tutorials and benefits of starting blog. Without any clue, I started this blog and improvising everyday. However, this was not difficult as I thought as we have plenty of tutorials available in internet. But you have to apply simple common sense wherever needed to bring original touch of your style. 
Blogging can be done for sharing, expressing, giveaway, spreading information, educating, associating, helping others through World Wide Web.

Top Reasons Why Every Blogger should Adopt Affiliate Marketing Strategy
Of the various online marketing avenues, affiliate marketing -where companies pay commission to a set of representative(affiliates) for advertising their brand, is something that is not often utilized properly and the potential is not well known. As an affiliate marketer, I’ve experienced a lot of benefits from this marketing method. As far as I know, it offers the definite advantage of a low risk strategy that pays for performance. Here are some top reasons for bloggers to take up this strategy.

No Investment Needed
Though starting a business is not possible without any money, affiliate marketing is an exception where you need not invest any capital. However, you need to invest your effort and time to get money out of it. In fact, I’ve found that this is the best money making opportunity for budding bloggers. When compared to the conventional brick and mortar setup or any other online business, affiliate marketing scores with its zero investment advantage. When you become part of the affiliate networks like Amazon, ebay, SFI, Commission Junction, Click Bank, and Affiliate Bot, it is easy to start earning.

No Conventional Business Setup Needed
To start a business other than the capital, you need to manufacture a product, store, and ship it which needs a lot of effort on your part. Managing these and other aspects of the business needs employees too. With affiliate marketing, all these things are not required. A laptop with a reliable internet connection is all you require. You can get resources right from the website setup to promote the product in a better way.

Risk free Business
As I’d explained earlier, there is no investment, so you do not have any risks here. If the affiliate marketing method you’ve chosen does not bring you the profits you’d expected, you can always stop doing it and look for another better option. This type of risk free opportunity does not arise that easily with other online businesses.

Immense Prospects of Profits
Affiliate marketing is a type of business where you can generate passive income for the long term, if you take the right efforts. I’d not go to the extent of saying that it is a get rich instantly method, but it does bring you profits without any hassles like investment capital, product creation, management, etc. I’ve seen many affiliate marketers make more than $100,000 in just a month. This is why I mentioned about the right efforts. When you promote the products in such a way that customers buy them, you certainly can get great profits.

Set up an International Business
With affiliate marketing, there are no boundaries. You can sell your products worldwide to people in all corners of the world. There are resources like email auto responders, blog tutorials, forums, software, and directories to aid you in the whole process and most of them are free too. Since you get to do business with diversified customers, the exposure level is great, leading to better sales.

No Experience Needed
In affiliate marketing, the training is given for free and most of the difficult part of the business is already done and is all set up for you. You can learn the business as you do it. There is absolutely no experience required here.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies - Top 5 Resources

Are you looking for earning some extra income online? 
I’d say that the internet offers a wide vista of opportunities. Of the various money making online methods, I think affiliate marketing is the most impressive way to go for.
If you search online, I guarantee that the plethora of information you find will make your head spin. Don’t worry! This article is just right for you. Affiliate marketing is actually a simple process when you look at it without prejudice. Complicating it with all the technical jargon can make it difficult for you to get money out of it.
Here are five top resources I’ve lined up for beginners like you.
1. Commission Junction Affiliate Network
This is one of the oldest affiliate marketing companies and is a good one for beginners. But the only disadvantage with the program is it expects the affiliates to give results within 6 months of joining the program.

The program is free and mostly used by bloggers. There are many blogger tools here like the HootSuite. Part of ValueClick the recommended programs that you can start out on are the MaxCDN affiliate and HootSuite affiliate.
The main advantage of this program is the chance you get to deal with some of the big corporate companies that you cannot work with on your own. But with the huge businesses, you also need to work as hard to earn big money. If you keep this in mind, I’d say that this is a good one for you.
2. ClickBank
Of all the resources present for beginners, ClickBank is one resource that has some of the best features.
You need not have a website that is already established.
It provides strong training and service support, so your website becomes effective and you end up generating more traffic.

ClickBank also takes care of distribution, so you can deal directly with suppliers and not with several agencies for providing service to your customers. The commissions are high as there are no overheads to consider in digital goods marketing. If you have some original products to sell, you can also do it via this program and make money.
The main advantage I’ve found in this method is it is a highly popular one with over 10,000 vendors and over one lakh affiliates using it.
3. Amazon Associates
This is one of the affiliate networks that have the most short cookie span of 24 hours. The more items you sell, the higher will be your commission. The rate starts at 6%. Since it is a well known brand, using it always adds to your advantage. Its’ positive points include:
Massive catalog
Impressive and easy to use tools for ad making
Interactive support forum

4. ShareASale
This is a friendly program that gives importance to people rather than numbers. It also consists of a supportive environment for its affiliates. The main drawback is its complicated interface. The specialized products that it sells are apt for niche based sites, and attract customers who show predilection towards rare commodities. Your site too will benefit from this. It has been in business for over 13 years and has popular programs in its kitty like WP Engine, Thesis, and Studio Press. It also has many PPC affiliate programs that are ideal for bloggers.

5. Linkshare
This is similar to Commission Junction program, but involves smaller companies that beginners will find easy to work with. I’ve found that the interface here is one of the best and has a Quick tour option for helping you out. It is one of the best programs to begin with and gets you the much needed experience in affiliate marketing.

From the above list I’ve gathered, you’d have realized that each program has its own benefits. What I’d suggest is combining the best of each program and arriving at a highly efficient mishmash that gives you good commissions and also helps you stay clear of the complications. It may take some time to reach such a point, but it can be done with a little dedication from your end. All the very best!