Saturday, 16 August 2014

How to earn Money in Blogging????

I was born & brought up in village and studied in Indian Government School. Since I moved nearby city(Chennai) during 1994, I was trying to figure out something other than my regular employment which will help me to improve my standard of living AND SUPPORT ME WHEN I AM UNEMPLOYED. I joined several programs in internet which are almost scam or did not work in long run. 
Finally I found an affiliate program during 2012 where I found tutorials and benefits of starting blog. Without any clue, I started this blog and improvising everyday. However, this was not difficult as I thought as we have plenty of tutorials available in internet. But you have to apply simple common sense wherever needed to bring original touch of your style. 
Blogging can be done for sharing, expressing, giveaway, spreading information, educating, associating, helping others through World Wide Web.

Top Reasons Why Every Blogger should Adopt Affiliate Marketing Strategy
Of the various online marketing avenues, affiliate marketing -where companies pay commission to a set of representative(affiliates) for advertising their brand, is something that is not often utilized properly and the potential is not well known. As an affiliate marketer, I’ve experienced a lot of benefits from this marketing method. As far as I know, it offers the definite advantage of a low risk strategy that pays for performance. Here are some top reasons for bloggers to take up this strategy.

No Investment Needed
Though starting a business is not possible without any money, affiliate marketing is an exception where you need not invest any capital. However, you need to invest your effort and time to get money out of it. In fact, I’ve found that this is the best money making opportunity for budding bloggers. When compared to the conventional brick and mortar setup or any other online business, affiliate marketing scores with its zero investment advantage. When you become part of the affiliate networks like Amazon, ebay, SFI, Commission Junction, Click Bank, and Affiliate Bot, it is easy to start earning.

No Conventional Business Setup Needed
To start a business other than the capital, you need to manufacture a product, store, and ship it which needs a lot of effort on your part. Managing these and other aspects of the business needs employees too. With affiliate marketing, all these things are not required. A laptop with a reliable internet connection is all you require. You can get resources right from the website setup to promote the product in a better way.

Risk free Business
As I’d explained earlier, there is no investment, so you do not have any risks here. If the affiliate marketing method you’ve chosen does not bring you the profits you’d expected, you can always stop doing it and look for another better option. This type of risk free opportunity does not arise that easily with other online businesses.

Immense Prospects of Profits
Affiliate marketing is a type of business where you can generate passive income for the long term, if you take the right efforts. I’d not go to the extent of saying that it is a get rich instantly method, but it does bring you profits without any hassles like investment capital, product creation, management, etc. I’ve seen many affiliate marketers make more than $100,000 in just a month. This is why I mentioned about the right efforts. When you promote the products in such a way that customers buy them, you certainly can get great profits.

Set up an International Business
With affiliate marketing, there are no boundaries. You can sell your products worldwide to people in all corners of the world. There are resources like email auto responders, blog tutorials, forums, software, and directories to aid you in the whole process and most of them are free too. Since you get to do business with diversified customers, the exposure level is great, leading to better sales.

No Experience Needed
In affiliate marketing, the training is given for free and most of the difficult part of the business is already done and is all set up for you. You can learn the business as you do it. There is absolutely no experience required here.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies - Top 5 Resources

Are you looking for earning some extra income online? 
I’d say that the internet offers a wide vista of opportunities. Of the various money making online methods, I think affiliate marketing is the most impressive way to go for.
If you search online, I guarantee that the plethora of information you find will make your head spin. Don’t worry! This article is just right for you. Affiliate marketing is actually a simple process when you look at it without prejudice. Complicating it with all the technical jargon can make it difficult for you to get money out of it.
Here are five top resources I’ve lined up for beginners like you.
1. Commission Junction Affiliate Network
This is one of the oldest affiliate marketing companies and is a good one for beginners. But the only disadvantage with the program is it expects the affiliates to give results within 6 months of joining the program.

The program is free and mostly used by bloggers. There are many blogger tools here like the HootSuite. Part of ValueClick the recommended programs that you can start out on are the MaxCDN affiliate and HootSuite affiliate.
The main advantage of this program is the chance you get to deal with some of the big corporate companies that you cannot work with on your own. But with the huge businesses, you also need to work as hard to earn big money. If you keep this in mind, I’d say that this is a good one for you.
2. ClickBank
Of all the resources present for beginners, ClickBank is one resource that has some of the best features.
You need not have a website that is already established.
It provides strong training and service support, so your website becomes effective and you end up generating more traffic.

ClickBank also takes care of distribution, so you can deal directly with suppliers and not with several agencies for providing service to your customers. The commissions are high as there are no overheads to consider in digital goods marketing. If you have some original products to sell, you can also do it via this program and make money.
The main advantage I’ve found in this method is it is a highly popular one with over 10,000 vendors and over one lakh affiliates using it.
3. Amazon Associates
This is one of the affiliate networks that have the most short cookie span of 24 hours. The more items you sell, the higher will be your commission. The rate starts at 6%. Since it is a well known brand, using it always adds to your advantage. Its’ positive points include:
Massive catalog
Impressive and easy to use tools for ad making
Interactive support forum

4. ShareASale
This is a friendly program that gives importance to people rather than numbers. It also consists of a supportive environment for its affiliates. The main drawback is its complicated interface. The specialized products that it sells are apt for niche based sites, and attract customers who show predilection towards rare commodities. Your site too will benefit from this. It has been in business for over 13 years and has popular programs in its kitty like WP Engine, Thesis, and Studio Press. It also has many PPC affiliate programs that are ideal for bloggers.

5. Linkshare
This is similar to Commission Junction program, but involves smaller companies that beginners will find easy to work with. I’ve found that the interface here is one of the best and has a Quick tour option for helping you out. It is one of the best programs to begin with and gets you the much needed experience in affiliate marketing.

From the above list I’ve gathered, you’d have realized that each program has its own benefits. What I’d suggest is combining the best of each program and arriving at a highly efficient mishmash that gives you good commissions and also helps you stay clear of the complications. It may take some time to reach such a point, but it can be done with a little dedication from your end. All the very best!

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Affiliate Marketing - Address My Income Needs???

How Does Affiliate Marketing Address Your Income Needs?

Of the various ways that the World Wide Web has given us to make money, I’d say affiliate marketing is one popular and sure-fire process. It’s certainly a perfect source of income for internet marketers who look for an additional income avenue, for bloggers who want to make money from their content, and for any other individual who has neither the resource nor the time to develop a product of his own. I’ve suggested some important factors here that you should take into account in affiliate marketing to meet your income requirements.

Select a Product to Promote

This is the fundamental factor you should not skip out on. If you are really serious about earning money being an affiliate, I’d suggest the exact way to go about it is finding the right product to promote. So how do you accomplish this?

A thorough research and the ability to find out what the market needs are at present should be done first. And don’t be afraid of competition. Though I agree that like any other business out there, affiliate marketing too has stiff competitors you need to contend with, it has its own high points.
The competition present will help you guess on the popularity quotient of the product and how it fares in the market. Anything that sells well will naturally pay you well too!

Earning an Income

Of the affiliates out there, I’ve seen low level, moderate and high income earners. Though all are involved in affiliate marketing, not all of them earn the same amount. So what is the difference? I’ve found that the more you invest time in your business, the better you earn. The low level earners focus on minor pockets in the web that are highly volatile like small scale ads, POF dating campaigns, and Juicy Ad buys.

Those who are ready to spend some time on the marketing target mobile users and pop traffic for their income, which is considerably more as these are high volume traffic areas. The top bracket earners focus on the high scale traffic areas and mass market media purchases, which gives them the greater money share. However, I know that this comes with its own risks and also needs a sizable amount of capital. A beginner in affiliate marketing tries to divide his focus on all the above ways, which invariably ends in a disaster.
A proper commitment of time and effort is needed to get a good earning potential in affiliate marketing.

Mind the Traffic

In affiliate marketing, traffic is the lifeline. Without any consumers who listen to the product you are promoting, there will be no profits to make. You must find out different ways through which you can earn big money. Pay per click, forum posting, blog commenting, and also article marketing are some of the most commonly used methods that I’ve seen generate good income.

You can find numerous affiliate programs online which guarantee you a steady income. Building your wealth here is possible only when you know which product to choose and how to get traffic to your site. Boosting your income is certainly possible with affiliate marketing, but I’ve to warn you that it is not an overnight success scheme. Just like any other business, you need to work from the bottom level to get to the top. Best of luck!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Affiliate Marketing and Their Immediate Benefits

Earning an income from your blog or website is easy with affiliate marketing provided you respect the basics. It is a powerful tool that boosts your sales figure and increases the leads.  I’ve found that this is the simplest form of earning money wherein you receive an income in appreciation of promoting a product, brand or service of a particular business.

Advantages of being an Affiliate

The main benefit I’ve seen of being an affiliate is the low cost factor involved and also the use of simple resources like website, emails, etc.  Since it can be done as a part time job and does not need any startup costs as in a brick and mortar business, the money I invest is very less. There are no issues like refunds and other customer related matters. And best of all I need not have any prior experience for doing it. These things sum up on why I’m all for using affiliate marketing.
Resources You should Know about
The basic necessity in affiliate marketing is setting up a website or a blog, setting up an email account, getting an affiliate link to the product, and using an email auto responder, which is optional. The main focus I’d suggest here is to attract visitors to your site and make them open an email and click on the affiliate link you have set up. There are numerous resources available online that help you in setting up an ideal affiliate marketing business.  Here are some tips, which I’ve experienced firsthand and found very useful on finding the right resources that benefit you the most.
  • You need to use only a few well-chosen products for the promotion to be effective. To choose the right product, what I recommend is, you need to understand the requirements of the market and align with products that relate to the topic of your site.
  • Instead of using only your blog or website for the ads, you can use other sources to promote them. The more traffic you send into the sales section, the more you earn. Google adwords is one of the ways you can do this.
  • Using different promotion techniques will help you find the ones that are working for you. By tweaking the setup, you can increase the profit. For instance, if you place banner ads in different areas of your website, you will find that certain areas are more receptive than the rest. And I’ve also used conversion tracking software, which helps in a better way.
  • And one thing that I’d recommend strongly is to verify whether the product you are promoting is what your visitors are looking for, and if it also is a product that they will be satisfied with. Since your credibility is at stake here, you need to promote prudently.
  • Keeping up with the latest methods and tools used in affiliate marketing will make way for a more efficient and productive venture.

Starting from the plugins, themes and hosting to email marketing, SEO marketing and affiliate networks, there are numerous resources available from which you can opt for the ones that suit your site the best and also those that offer a better profit.
By setting up the resources in the right manner, you can be assured of your visitors clicking on the affiliate links and bringing you the needed source of income you are aiming at. One last but not the least thing I’d like to stress upon about affiliate marketing is that you need traffic to your site to accomplish the whole thing.